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Assault/BatteryAfter a supremely frustrating morning, including being lied to by the Museum of Jewish Heritage (long story) and a whole series of other mishaps and insults, I actually had a nice little job interview.

It was at a social services organization (privately run, but not for profit) near Battery Park. I'm going back for a second interview on Thursday. There are two positions that I qualify for. I'm not sure what the salary is like (I'm guessing pretty low), but I am happy about the idea of a job where I can help people and at least pay my rent and have sick days.

Meanwhile, my husband is mad at me and a RollingStone reviewer just told me that she had really wanted to review my album for the RS website, but she got it too late. I don't really understand that, but I guess the bright side is that a near-miss is better than a wide one. In this instance, anyhoo.

It was an entirely different experience being near the rubble of WTC in broad daylight during a hectic workday. The last time I saw it, it was 3:00 AM, artificially lit...surreal and timeless. But now it makes sense, and it feels like an assault.

I tried to follow my old paths around the Wall Street area, the places I'd go for lunch or breakfast or after work, but almost all of them were blockaded, and festooned with big signs saying "No pictures, No video".

Now it hurts. Now I can feel the damage in a more visceral way. It wasn't sad, it was painful.

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