newest entry 2002-02-12 11:02 p.m.

I was just itchin' for a Bikram class, and found out that the Bikram place on Spring Street has an introductory offer whereby $20 gets you a week of classes. I couldn't pass that offer up!

The space is great--an old-fashioned, smelly, cramped yoga studio. They keep the temperature nice-n-cranked (which seems like a given, but I found the Yoga Connection's room to be to do the job). The teacher I had was good, the neighborhood is adorable and semi-convenient and they offer classes at better times for me than the Brooklyn Heights center.

The bad news is they don't rent mats, the receptionist (the one there today, anyway) has an attitude, and the changing rooms are microscopic, making for a very uncomfortable before-and-after class.

I am very happy to be doin' Bikram again!

What will our architecture smell like in 100 years?

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