newest entry 2001-10-14 9:48 p.m.

Went to my friend and former roommate and bridesmaid Lilith's birthday party tonight in Windsor Terrace, and it was everything that last night's party had wanted to be, but successful.

For one thing, everyone, to the last individual, was upbeat, friendly, talkative and fun. There was no alcohol, cuz a majority of the folks there were alcoholics, but these are kitties who know how to socialize without getting wasted. There were performances, too, but it all flowed very organically, as opposed to last night's weird self-consciousness. And people were supportive and interested in each other's music.

I like happy people. I need to hang out with them more often!

Lilith and I had our ups and downs as roommates, but I am always pleased to see her. She really has some shining qualities. She's honest, expressive, a music lover. She has integrity. She's bright and funny and she laughs at my jokes.

I noticed an intriguing pattern in my thinking as I walked home from the party. My heart felt nourished and I was giddily commenting on this to AMA, but quickly my joy turned into a lament about the friends I have who irk me...It's as if my mind can't focus on positive thoughts for too long without jumping back to, "If only things were different..."

AMA and I got our walkies in by not taking transportation to or from Lilith's house, but I stopped at Baskin-Robbins on the way home and had a mysterious new flavor that doesn't appear on the "flavor list." It was a very rich light-colored chocolate (like a mocha) with coconut and little truffly bits. Yum!

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