newest entry 2003-09-06 3:00 a.m.

Hrmph...wide awake at 3:00 AM, not sure why. The dogs are up, too, their tails all a-wag. I gave them pig ears to chomp on, and they are excited. I've discovered that Charity really perks up when she has a pig ear.

Had dinner with Monkey's boss and co-workers at Radio Mexico after work. It was a thank-you for their participation in an on-going publicity event, and their spouses and s.o.'s were invited.

It was nice hangin' with Monkey's boss--he's a good guy, and his wife was cool. Under a veneer of uber-caucasian Westchesteriness, they are completely nuts.

We used to be really friendly with M's old boss, too, but he's in the UK now.

M's boss's wife is a librarian, so I got to grill her about the profession. She actually had nice things to say about it, and assured me that even though the pay isn't great, the work is interesting and there's some job security if you get the right position. No one really talks like that anymore...

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