newest entry 2003-09-04 9:19 a.m.

Went to my usual 7:15 yoga class this morning, but the teacher didn't show up, so they asked me to teach it. While I would have loved to take a class, I always feel good after teaching one, too, so it all worked out and I got to keep my 12 bucks.

Mini-trauma at the dog park last night: skinny li'l Charity wormed her way under the fence and escaped. Monkey action-heroed over the fence and was able to grab her, about 50 yards from the park, near a busy street.

Dogs are so mysterious. Charity seems perfectly happy when she's hanging out with us, and she knows we feed her and shelter her and love her, but she can't resist the lure of escape.

I'm not used to this. My childhood dog was terrified of the world beyond our back yard and wouldn't leave the premises if you dragged her, and Coney has never really strayed, except to investigate bacon and chicken bones in the neighbor's garbage.

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