newest entry 2003-09-02 9:12 a.m.

Hound situation continues to enthrall. Saturday was relatively peaceful, but Sunday there was a tense stand-off twixt Coney and Charity. There was snarling. There was growling. Coney deployed a campaign of barking.

We got Charity a huge crate (thank God for Craig's List) and she managed to escape within minutes. This was a turning point, because after that she seemed to come out of her shell a little more.

I'm assuming that Coney is still top-dog, but Charity is no shrinking violet. I'm feeling hopeful that in a short time, they will be best friends.

In movie news, we watched Nine Queens on Sunday. It's an immensely enjoyable con artist flick, despite the predictable twists.

And last night we saw American Splendor, which I loved completely. I really hope this movie wins a lot of awards and attracts a big audience. I can see it appealing to people who wouldn't normally seek out an indie movie. For instance, I bet my dad would get a big kick out of this film.

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