newest entry 2003-08-31 7:58 a.m.

We took Coney & Charity to the Dyker Heights dog park this morning. Charity got to run around, and it was fine to see--when she runs she achieves an elegance that she doesn't have when she's walking or sitting around.

When she walks, her lack of confidence pulls her off center, like a car with bad wheel alignment.

She still seems like a flight risk--she's not comfortable around other dogs or people yet, and she kept looking like she wanted to flee.

I was touched by the reception she got at the park. There is an insular group of dog people that goes to the park roughly the same time we do, and even though they get a kick out of Coney, I've always found them a little chilly towards to me. But today they were very supportive and welcoming to Charity--I think they could sense how nervous she was.

Writing is going well. Last night, while Monkey went to see Pirates of the Caribbean, I fixed myself a gin and tonic and wrote about Vitamins B-6 and B-12....

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