newest entry 2003-08-30 4:06 p.m.

Much to write about but not enough time. I've finally settled into doing those re-writes that I've been putting off since mid-July. It's going smoothly, I'm happy to report. I can't explain why sometimes the writing flows like water and sometimes it just freezes.

Coney and Charity are getting along pretty well. No big scenes.

Mostly they're just napping. At the moment, both of them are flat-out on the living room floor in the exact same position, except a few feet away from each other. It's really cute.

Charity is very shy and hang-dog. She is easily startled. I think it will take a while for her to trust us completely, and until then she is laying low.

She is so skinny that I had to punch an extra hole in her dog collar buckle, cuz she slid out of it even at its tightest.

I am so happy with my li'l hound family. Charity is the total opposite of Coney personality-wise, but almost as striking physically. When she heals from her ordeal, I think she will really blossom.

In human news, FilmThreat is now engaged! Congrats to FT and his bride-to-be, who will be marrying circa Xmas 2004, in Hawaii (where they now reside).

In toothpaste news, I was driven by forces beyond my control to purchase Extreme Clean Aquafresh. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the packaging is amazing, all orange aqua bliss, and the taste is unique--almost citrus-y. Plus, I have to buy anything with the word "extreme" in the title.

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