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We brought into being this whole race of boxers, Pomeranians, Dalmatians, poodles, pugs and innumerable others. So our bond is complicated: We created them and we control the conditions under which they live, yet, in the strictest sense, we neither own nor control their beings. Having brought them this far, having given and taken so much, we orbit around each other on a tether of complex reciprocity. We owe them our lives as much as they owe us theirs.

--from an unusually insightful reply in Cary Tennis' advice column

Turns out the basset mix we were going to see last night was already adopted, unbeknownst to the dog-rescue lady. I'd spent the whole day fantasizing about the floppy ears and sweet disposition...However, the same organization is fostering a foxhound from West Virginia, who we're going to visit on Thursday.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it would be ideal to have another failed hunting dog from the same circumstances as Coney. She even looks like him, albeit longer of leg and browner of coat.

And my research into foxhounds got me thinkin' that maybe that's what Coney really is! He's never had the jowls of a coonhound, he's got a slender snout, and this heritage would explain why Coney doesn't tree raccoons but does chase squirrels, birds and cats. And it also partially explains the white-and-tan markings.

Also in the works is a meeting with a cockerpoo, an intriguing mix of poodle and cocker spaniel with, supposedly, the best traits of each.

We saw the final episode of Twin Peaks, Season One. Now...I guess we have to wait itl Season Two is released on DVD.

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