newest entry 2003-08-25 9:55 a.m.

I'd alotted the whole day for writing the wedding ceremony, but the dang thing just wrote itself (with small breaks for blubbering, sniveling, and honking). I combined various wedding traditions with some personal touches, and the couple were pleased. Yay!

That left my day open for some cleanin', some singin', and yoga. I took an open vinyasa class and found it screamingly difficult. It was hard physically cuz my arms were fatigued from a strenuous workout less than 12 hours before, but it was also hard mentally--I couldn't focus. My mind kept complaining. I checked my watch, counting down the minutes. I fell asleep in savasana, and dreamt, inexplicably, about Robert Klein.

Tonight we are going to meet a li'l basset hound mix on Long Island. From her picture I know she's really cute, but the ultimate test is if she gets along with Coney.

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