newest entry 2003-08-24 9:18 a.m.

Guess who's here? Bubba, our former dog-next-door! We're sitting Coney's ol' pal for the day, and it's just like old times--they are play-fighting in the back and running through the house wreaking havoc.

Today's all about preparing the wedding ceremony that I'm performing in September. I got three books out of the library about weddings (along with Michael Frayn's The Trick of It, just for entertainment purposes), and will cobble something together by my 6:00 meeting with the couple.

Saw Freaky Friday last night...was the only adult unaccompanied by a kid. I had to see it--Mary Rodgers' book was one of my favorites as a child, and I had to see for myself if this version was any better than the silly Jodie Foster/Barbara Harris debacle of the 70s.

Not surprisingly, the intelligent and droll tone of the book, along with major characters and 90% of the plot, are completely gone. There is actually nothing in the movie resembling the original book at all. I guess they just needed a familiar name to get nostalgic Gen Xers to bring their kids.

That said, it was a cute flick, with some good yuks, mostly from Jamie Lee Curtis's performance. The soundtrack is perfunctory, with that highly compressed bubblegum punk that only exists in the movies.

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