newest entry 2003-08-21 11:54 a.m.

Despite having a pretty good, fairly productive and somewhat creative day yesterday (qualifiers meant to convey "weary but game"), I was wracked with nerves and couldn't sleep last night. Could barely breathe from the tension. So today I'm somnambulatin'.

Not exactly sure what all the tension is about, but it's partially due to lack of yoga and lack of musical expression, and partly that I have this deadline looming for my book re-writes and have not been inspired to get a lot done in that dept.

I finished reading the book about feral children that I'd started last week (I had to leave it in the office on Thursday Blackout Day cuz it was too heavy to carry, and then I wasn't back in the office til Tuesday).

The subject matter is fascinating, but the writing is academic and dry. It reads very much like a thesis paper, actually, with lots of long block quotes, footnotes, and extraneous historical research.

I think the subject deserves serious study rather than a Weekly World News approach, but the idea of wild children raised by animals is also so poetic that I think a more lyrical, accessible book needs to be written. Um, with more cool pictures.

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