newest entry 2003-08-07 10:30 a.m.

Went to Monkey's CD-release party at [hipster palace in Wmsbrg] last night. It was crowded, loud and the sound system was terrible, but my workpal Artschool showed up, so we got to hang out a little, and I had a nice time driving to and from the show with Lesh.

I am very, very tired.

After work, I'm going on a Hudson River cruise that Monkey's company is co-sponsoring. I have to work the table, handing out flyers, but I don't mind.

The entertainment will be David Johansen, which is interesting because when M. and I were tooling around the Outer Banks in our car, I kept forcing him to listen to a New York Dolls compilation I'd brought with me. His eyes kind of glazed over every time. I don't think he realized at the time that David Jo and Buster Poindexter are the same person, cuz he has no knowledge of pop culture.

(Which I find totally endearing and baffling. He's never seen I Love Lucy!)

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