newest entry 2003-07-24 6:46 p.m.

Computer time very limited.

Haiku entries for next few days.

Have passed some crucial milestone: purchase of my first pair of Tevas

Ugly, ugly shoes


An insult to the beauty of God's creation

But so comfortable and practical for oceanside.

Family dynamics still frustrating, saddening

But I love the fam nonetheless

The recitation of their names was my first alphabet: six kids, two parents, a dog.

now we are missing some and have gained a few

The little kids have triumphed over their fear of Coney, and now they ask to pet him and cuddle with him.

"I think Coney really loves me," says 2-yr-old nephew in tiny voice.

My bro gives my (no, impossible!) 18-year-old nephew a Henry Miller novel, and I teach him the chords to "Driver 8" feeling very old and timeless at once

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