newest entry 2003-07-22 8:51 p.m.

I said i was going to update while on vacation, but find my access to the internet is actually pretty limited.

Briefly: drove to Chapel Hill on Friday, played a gig at a local coffee house for a handful of very cool friends and a couple of stray locals. Monkey played after me, and while he played, I walked Coney around Chapel Hill in the rain, cuz he was lonely and miserable in the car.

My heart really warms when I think of the folks who came to the show--it was another gig that was full of lovin' vibes. afterwards we went to dinner and got to talk a wee bit before they departed for Winston-Salem for a big rock show, and we departed for the Outer Banks for the family vacation.

So far, so good: we've hit the beach, played Mafia, played pass-the-guitar, and eaten many communal meals, very little friction.

more later....

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