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Went to the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden in Queens last night for a good-bye party for a friend who's leaving New York. This fellow ran a recording studio at which just about everyone I know recorded--not just because it was a pretty nice and reasonably-priced digital studio, but because he is the nicest guy in show biz.

He's decided to go to business school and he went and got accepted at a really good one. Good for him!

The Hall itself is a revelation: a huge courtyard with picnic tables, trees, a grill for kielbasa and hot dogs, and a bar that serves pitchers of Hoegaarden, Guiness and other sturdy beers. I can't remember being anywhere like it before--it seems like a very jolly, earthy, Eastern European way of dining. Hipsters, families, young and old were united in their love of beer and sausage. I felt like we could have walked up to any table and been welcome to join.

Before and after the Beer garden, we watched Adaptation. I loved it--a return to greatness for Nic Cage, a wonderful script, really funny. I think Charlie Kaufman's irony is just defensive romanticism. Yes, there is discomfort when you realize that all the goofy things he has to do to his script--adding "Happy Together" and a car chase and the romantic ending--actually are a relief. But we can enjoy this and laugh at it at the same time.

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