newest entry 2003-05-28 9:27 a.m.

Monkey and Coney were in Chicago all weekend, and I missed them, although I got into a nice little solo lifestyle in their absence. Also, it helped that I had someone to care for: Krusty, Orleana's step-dog for whom I sat while she and her beau were in Memphis. Krusty is 15 years old and adorable, small and black with a gray face like a harbor seal. He's as frail as his years would suggest, but a very sweet companion.

When they got back last night, Coney ran into the living room, half-heartedly jumped on me for about a second, and then went on a mission to sniff all the places where Krusty had been. He ignored me for the rest of the evening. I was wistful about this, but I got over it soon enough. He's a dog--dogs can't love, they can only be loved. Welcome to motherhood.

Monkey and I went out to dinner to celebrate his return. Afterwards, we had Oreo X-Mint ice cream at Baskin-Robbins. Mmmmmmmmm! It's the best ice cream I've had in ages. Not only has it got the blackest Oreo detritus, but it's got these streaks of blue ice cream. You know how I love blue food.

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