newest entry 2003-05-23 8:18 p.m.

My company closed at 3:00 PM today for the Memorial Day Weekend. What a civilized workday 9-3 is. Just enough time to get stuff done, eat a quick lunch at the desk, and leave when there's still time to run errands and enjoy the day.

I ended up taking a 3:15 Hatha 1 class at IYI, a nice relaxed, slow class.

I had a very brief fit of nervous laughter during the opening chants, triggered by the teacher's comically awful chanting. It was a surreal experience. Generally, I bend over backwards not to offend or hurt people, and this one rare moment of spontaneous, cruel honesty felt so liberating. I felt embarrassed afterwards, but during it felt completely impersonal and harmless.

I planned on apologizing after class, but by the time class ended...I didn't really care anymore, and figured it would just be awkward for all involved.

Now that I think of it, a woman in one of my earlest classes laughed at me during chanting. It didn't bother me, I reasoned that she was just nervous. So maybe that's what this fella thought. Oy.

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