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I've been reading The Afterword in dribs and drabs. It's the afterword to a novel about a 21st Century Messiah, although the novel doesn't exist. Yes, it's "metafiction."

It's...OK. It addresses some interesting spiritual and religious themes, but only in a superficial and glib manner. And one wonders why the author didn't just write a novel about the new messiah? I mean, the afterword thing is a cute trick, but why not skip the cute trick and actually write something of substance?

That said, the book is pretty well written...and easy to carry cuz it's tiny!

It seems I can't escape the big Friday meeting. I called in sick on Friday, and part of the relief of that was thinking I'd miss the meetin'. But it was rescheduled for today. So I threw together the info and courage I needed for it, only to have it rescheduled again for tomorrow. Crikey, let's get it over with, people.

Incidentally, my new gym is not "5 minutes away" from my house, as previously reported. It's more like 2.5 minutes. Dude!

Had a really pleasant rehearsal last night for some upcoming shows. JoyBoy had scheduled his rehearsal right before ours, so I got to hear some of his band's songs. They are covering a song of mine, but with a singer who can actually sing, and a horn section. That's right, the proverbial horn section. It felt great to hear it. I envision, someday, becoming like [insert name of professional songwriter with lots more talent than Diane Warren], just planting songs into the fertile fields of America's musicians, and sitting back to watch the harvest.

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