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A wonderful Saturday so far.

Coney woke us up at 6:00, and we went to Prospect Park for a particularly social walk. Maybe cuz it was Saturday, everyone seemed really friendly and playful today, dogs and humans alike.

Then I took a good hatha class at IYI, although I didn't stay for yoga nidra at the end, cuz I had to meet Miss Cookie. I can count on one hand the number of times I've left a class before final relaxation--it makes a difference, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make for the greater good of being on time.

Miss Cookie and I met at Macy's on Herald Square and had lunch and got our nails done. This was to celebrate her 40th birthday, which was last week. It was a pleasantly girly afternoon, and we had a lot of stuff to gab about.

We seem to be in a positive cycle in our relationship--supportive and upbeat, not too much projection of our fears and anxieties onto each other. When we're on each other's sides, there are no two closer and more enthusiastic friends.

When I got home, that Dalmatian I was telling you about (pseudonym: Bowie, cuz he's got different colored eyes) was in the living room! Unbeknownst to me, Monkey had set up an overnight visit so we could see if he and Coney get along.

Do they? Of course not. The question is, do we want to invest the time and care of getting them acclimated to each other?

Bowie is a neat dog. He's other-worldly-looking--graceful and gangly and bow-legged, awkward and beautiful at the same time. I mean it in the best possible way that he looks like Christopher Lloyd. He's pretty well-behaved, although essentially untrained.

We took both the boys out for a walk before and it was like the circus had come to town. All the little kids on the next block came over to pet the dogs, ask questions, tell us about their dogs. One kid asked, of Bowie, "Was he born with all those spots?" Another asked, of us, "Are you boyfriend and girlfriend?"

Anyway, this is a big decision, and my feelings change from hour to hour.

There's a sign at my new gym that asks me to "please refrain from obscene or slanderous language."

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