newest entry 2003-05-15 11:11 a.m.

So weird! Remember I was lamenting the disappearance of BreakUp Girl last week? Turns out...she's back!

Hoorah! Her story of being swooped up by Oxygen Network is really sad and creepy, though. They done her wrong.

I've been enjoying a band called the Stratford 4. Nothing particularly innovative, just Stones-y/Velvets-y goodness with much snap and crackle.

My "mentee" at IYI, as they call them, taught her first yoga posture last night in class. She did great. Everybody does better than they think they are going to do.

I love this latest substitute stint because I'm teaching in my favorite classroom on the top floor. It's got roof access and views in two directions. By the end of class, the sun is setting, throwing golden beams everywhere.

Green tea. Today is all about green tea and trying not to give in to premenstrual insanity (anxiety, extreme sentimentality and ice-cream lust).

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