newest entry 2003-05-14 11:05 a.m.

Although I'm feeling healthy and happy, I had multiple nightmares last night. I think it's cuz I had ice cream right before going to sleep.

Things are good, though.

I was told that my assignment here might get extended for another three months, and I was also told that I'm doing a good job, which I really needed to hear.

That small bit of praise has been a shot in the arm. I've been all chipper and "can-do" this week.

Can do! Can do! This guy says the temp can do!

La la la!

I also found out that, through the Monkster's health insurance, I have some funds to see a chiropractor. So I tracked down a guy I used to work with at a holistic health center (when I was brand new to teaching) who used to give me awesome adjustments. He has his own practice now, not too far away from where I work.

He's a Network Spinal Analysis practitioner. Network Spinal Analysis is nothing like traditional chiropractic. It's non-invasive and it feels amazing.

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