newest entry 2003-05-11 8:04 p.m.

I'll be teaching at IYI for the next few weeks, and mentoring a teacher trainee. What this means is that for the past week, I've been able to take free classes, guilt-free, and immerse myself in the yogic world again. Yay. It feels great. I've even hauled out the ol' Bhagavad Gita and have been entranced by it. This time I'm giving Satchidananda's translation a chance. It's very conversational in tone, not scholarly. I prefer scholarly, but this translation has some nice moments.

I attended a diorama party last night, at which people constructed compelling tableaux in shoeboxes. Monkster and I made one called the Dalai Lama Diorama, and for awhile there I thought it was the best one. Then people came with ever more elaborate and goofy ones, and soon the room was aflame with genius.

Other weekend activities:

  • Started reading The Afterword. No opinion yet.

  • Watched Crouching Tiger, etc. today. I'd never seen it--wow!

  • Demo'd a couple new songs. Overall tone: Westerberg-ish.

  • Took Coney and our friend Oasis's dog (we're dogsitting) to Coney Island, to Prospect Park and to the Dyker Heights dog park.

    I'm beginning to think that Coney may have some yellow lab in him. Whenever I see him alongside one, the coloring is so close, and there's no accounting for his coloring by way of his coonhound and beagle roots.

    Mind you, he doesn't act like a lab--he refuses to fetch and he hates water. One of the most comical moments of the weekend was watching him barrel towards us at top speed from across Prospect Park's long meadow, and then stop short like a cartoon dog when he hit the little "doggie beach" wading pool. I guess you had to be there.

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