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When we have broken our god of tradition, and ceased from our god of rhetoric, then may God fire the heart with his presence

--Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Over-Soul

My brother-in-law Hank (Quilty's husband) had a heart attack yesterday. He's fine now. In fact, he's coming home from the hospital today. But the hero in the story is my dad, who rushed him to the emergency room despite Hank's doubts and protests. The doctor said if he'd waited much longer for treatment, it could have been much worse.

Pausing here to reflect on the fact that my dad is a Christian Scientist, and doesn't even believe in doctors or hospitals, but he knew instincively that Hank should go, because Hank does believe in that stuff.

I can't conceive of a world without Hank. He started dating my sister when I was in the third grade. He is as much a part of my family as any of my siblings, even though he drives everyone nuts with his conservative opinions and sarcastic judgments.

He's a good father and a basically decent human being.

If you have a mind to, send him your good thoughts.

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