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Our trip to NJ was OK. Got to spend some time with Sally on her birthday, and had lunch at my Dad's. He made steak, potatoes and baked beans and we had carrot cake for dessert. Then I took Sally out shopping--it was Sidewalk Sale day in Ridgewood, although I wish it had been "Touch a Truck Day"--and bought her some gifties.

We brought Coney with us, which delighted Dad. I think he should get a dog--he'd feel less lonely.

It's really good for C. to spend the whole day out and about--he is less likely to mope around the house chewing up stuff, and by the time night falls, he's really sleepy and contented.

Dad, who is famously given to fits of spontaneous generosity, gave us his new-ish I-Book. He said he really didn't want it anymore, and that his big computer has everything he needs.

This morning we took an extra long trek through Prospect Park, into the ravine and through the "lullwater" areas. It was perfect and serene, but we got lightly busted for having C. off-leash. We didn't get a ticket, but rather a talking-to by a park employee.

Now I'm finishing up my reviews for work. I'm wincing through a Jim Brickman CD as we speak (which credits his hair and make-up artist in the liner notes).

I was pleasantly surprised by the Michael Hedges album I listened to last night. It's typically filed under "new age" but it's a tad more complex than the usual Windham Hill stuff. Hedges was an amazing guitar player, creating these one-man symphonies for his instrument. He died in a car wreck in 1997.

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