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There's a new Bikram studio in Park Slope and I tried it last night, taking advantage of their Intro Week offer ($20 for 7 days of unlimited classes).

It's nice--it has more of a crunchy/Putumayo vibe than most Bikram studios in the city, although as you and I know, there is nothing remotely yogic about Bikram yoga.

That said, I had a very relaxed class--I really stayed with the moment and the breath, and came out of the place feeling wonderful. And the teacher was sweet.

The class was packed. Apparently, running a Bikram center guarantees business. It's not just yoga--because I have witnessed firsthand how difficult it can be to attract people to a new yoga studio, or even a not-so-new one. There's just something about Bikram that draws the masses.

I say huzzah--Park Slope is a convenient location for me, and it's one more option when figuring out which class to take.

I've been reviewing new age records all weekend and have come to the conclusion that if you're not in the mood for Qawwali music, it can be kind of a drag to listen to. I know the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was singing with the fervor of a prophet, but I guess all that passion doesn't count if you can't sing along.

Perversely, I find myself liking the really cornball synthesizer Muzak of Steven Halpern and that least that music is relaxing.

And while I'll never be a fan of "yoga music," I am beginning to understand the appeal of folks like Gabrielle Roth and Jai Uttal. That slinky world fusion stuff is not my cuppa joe, but if I were a 47-year-old housewife from NJ who'd never heard anything like it before and then came to a yoga class and was exposed to it while also experiencing some spiritual breakthrough...well, then, yes I can see where this stuff would be exciting.

My opinions, of course, are as subject to change as my moods.

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