newest entry 2003-04-18 9:21 a.m.

[tinfoil hat on] Or maybe Robert Atkins had a heart attack, and his people are covering it up, lest his dieting empire fall. [/tinfoil hat]

Whatever. His loss is sad. And I stand by the whole low-carb process, even though a life without pasta is almost unthinkable. That said, I have been eating whatever I want and not doing much cardio lately, and somehow I feel OK and don't mind too much that I'm back to wearing my size 8 jeans.

Today was a weird landmark: I paid for a class at IYI. It's been so long since I've taught a class there that I felt bad about taking a class for free. I'm happy to give them money, but I feel some existential guilt for not teaching more.

Now that I'm established in this job and have my bearings, I should probably try to teach a regular class again. I'm two subway stops away.

As of next week, some of my responsibilities at work are deepening. I am glad of this. More details soon.

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