newest entry 2003-04-16 11:17 a.m.

This weather is so sweet. Monkey and I breakfasted in our garden this morning.

Did I mention that Bubba and his moms moved away, and the nasty landlord next door made us put up a fence? So Monkey put up a pretty trellis border around the yard, which we hope will get viney.

C. misses playing with B., and being able to run around in both yards. Oh, well. More incentive to move up to the Catskills!

My sister-in-law sent me a belated birthday present: Nate Ruth's CD, which I'd read about in Magnet and decided sounded cool, and a short story anthology called Carved in Rock, all written by rock musicians (including my beloved Robyn H.!)

Thank god for Amazon wish lists, or I'd be getting inappropriate jewelry from them for the rest of my life.

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