newest entry 2003-04-10 4:02 p.m.

"The Iraqi people should know that we're not here to occupy this country..." --General Wallace

Whew! Such mixed feelings about Baghdad. A shivery sort of joy on reading the headlines, and then that creeping fear about what happens next.

One of my jobs today was to shop for books. It almost doesn't get better than this.

I had to find eight best-selling and/or new body/mind/spirit titles with attractive covers for a photo collage we're making for a marketing piece. I was given $200 cash and set loose on the city.

Only 4 of the titles made it into the collage, but will eventually be added to the database anyway.

Other than that, I am involved in a lot of tech-y, hard to explain database management that has placed me squarely out of my depth. But I'm still likin' the job.

FT left this morning. I was hit by a wave of sadness after I said goodbye. It was really nice having him in our house for a week!

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