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This morning I visited the CD library here at work, to pull some CDs I need to review. It was my first time, and it was thrilling. It's not an exhaustive pop collective by any means, but they have a lot of titles, certainly enough to keep me happy for the next few months. And, you know, it's a library, not a store, so there is this feeling of abundance and benevolence and hushed reverence.

In other work news, yesterday I was summoned to a meeting with the CEO and marketing dept. Ostensibly a sales meeting, it was more like Patton addressing his troops. The CEO did 99% of the talking.

He is a baby boomer, former musician, Brooklynite, business leader, charasmatic presence. He tends to rant. He mentioned, in his opening remarks, that he "didn't get alot of nookie in high school". Luckily, everyone groaned and kind of tacitly told him to shut up. So it's that kind of company--a defined leader, but a leader who has a sense of humor about himself, and who can take criticism.

Anyway, it was my first indication that this widget we're working on has a weak link, and that is the marketing/sales dept. The CEO is not happy with them. It made me very happy to be on the content/editorial side of things.

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