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Coney graduated from dog school last night! There was a talent show and a diploma ceremony. Afterwards, we treated him to a hamburger which he ate in less than a second. There was no prom.

It's all about the prana, baby. Every so often I stop and try to define what the experience of yoga really is. What I've come up with this time is that it's all about allowing prana--life energy--into every corner of your being. Sometimes that means doing asana, sometimes the focus needs to be pranayama or meditation, and sometimes it just means having fun with friends, playing with the dog, or jogging around the block a couple times.

I took a nice Ashtanga Basics class at Area last night. The studio feels like someone's home.

I like the whole idea of Ashtanga Basics, because the primary series is really difficult, and yet most places I know of that feature ashtanga yoga do not have regular basics or beginners' classes. Basics classes are a way to benefit from the rigor of ashtanga without hurting yourself.

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