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Yesterday rocked.

Firstly, I got to sleep for almost 12 hours, which sounds excessive, but I really needed it.

Then I had a lovely brunch at Yaffa Cafe with Fred, before I helped him shop Trash and Vaudeville for a new outfit befitting a punk rock drummah. T&V is a time capsule, where sharkskin suits, Doc Martens, and spiked wristbands have always been in style and will never go out....It's where I bought my motorcycle jacket back in high school. Said jacket wound up in JoyBoy's wardrobe several years later and he won't give it back, but I will find a way.

After that, Fred departed for work, and I went to pick up an entire shopping bag full of Mojo back issues from a nice woman who advertised them in the free/barter section of Craig's List. I think she is a music journalist, because she mentioned that she wrote off the subscription on her taxes...She sweetly refused money I offered...Anyway, dude, I won't have to buy another magazine for two years. I love Mojo!

After that, I met up with Monkey and we had borscht and kasha varnishkes at Kiev. If you're keeping score at home, this marks 3 important holy places in the east village songlines--Yaffa, T&V, Kiev. I've spent more post-show evenings and/or hungover mornings at Yaffa & Kiev than I care to count.

I was surprised that my 100% Russian Jewish spouse had never had kasha before! I was also pleasantly surprised that, after mentioning Lisa Germano in a glowing light once to him this week, he retained the info and found me an advanced CD of her new album, Lullaby for Liquid Pig. Whoa! Thanks, Monkster!

Is this record much different from her previous efforts? Nuh, but who cares? It's sad, deep, wallow-y, and makes me want to dive into a pile of pillows and blankets and writhe around in red wine stupor.

When I got home, what was waiting in the mail for me but my latest purchase, Shelley/DeVoto's Buzzkunst CD, a reunion of the Buzzcock's early-departed Howard DeVoto and one of my songwriting gods, Pete Shelley. It's a nifty disc--I think Howard's presence is stronger on here than Pete's. In other words it sounds more like a Magazine record than a Buzzcocks or Pete Shelley solo record, and that's fine. Big, grating, no-wave, industrial disc.

In my e-mail inbox was a very positive and respectful review of my album from someone whose writing I admire. Aside from an inaccurate (but seemingly inevitable) Liz Phair comparison, I was gratified that someone understands and appreciates my work!

Later, we joined our friend Dickie on the Upper West Side at The Avurveda Cafe. It was just like it sounds: very fresh, healthful and balanced Indian vegetarian food, served in an unpretentious environment. Everyone gets the same meal, which is balanced by the "six tastes"--sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, astringent. Cheap, too!

After that we went to see Lesh in his country/folk duo. They were playing at a coffee house, so we sat there drinking tea, curled up in overstuffed chairs, listening amongst contented-looking laptop-users and novel-readers. Very wholesome evening.

While waiting for a subway home, we were serenaded by one of the best a capella platform buskers I've ever heard. He wasn't polished, but his phrasing of old pop standards was unique and refreshing.

And the goodness of yesterday spilled over into this morning. We ate breakfast while watching King of Comedy....

When little cheap pleasures pop up to kiss us on the mouth, I feel blessed... It's not the pleasures themselves (which really add up to nothing), but the way they seem to echo some higher joy, a thumbs-up from the universe.

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