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Floating thoughts for Thursday morning: I have always loved Thursdays. I think this love of Thursdays began when Welcome Back Kotter was on the air. It came on Thursday nights (before being moved to Saturday after it got bad), and I knew I always had something to look forward to at the end of the day.

Now, of course, Thursdays are my day off.

In case I sounded too dismissive of The Alienist yesterday, I meant to say that it's a very enjoyable read. And I do love historical fiction, especially set in New York.

I've read that the film version has been in the works since the mid-90s, but the producer who bought the film rights was having a hard time getting a script written. Now the film is in the hands of its own author (who used to be a screenwriter/script doctor himself), so hopefully the movie will see light of day soon.

Meanwhile, that book club that I joined has as its next book Katharine Graham's auto-bio. This club makes very weird choices, indeed.

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