newest entry 2003-02-20 1:06 p.m.

After nearly a week of sittin' around, I went to the gym today, and it felt great. After working out, I went to the gym's yoga room (it's usually locked, but today it wasn't) and practiced asanas by myself for about 45 minutes. It was a lovely and rare opportunity--practicing by myself at home is difficult because Coney gets upset and starts eating my mat. The only dog-proof room in my house has really low ceilings, so it's not great for any kind of standing postures or surya namaskar.

The big melt started yesterday: New York is a big pile of slush with gigantic puddles. I am glad. I love snow when it's falling, and for the first couple of hours of snowy afterglow. Any more than that, it's a drag.

Water on Mars!

Apparently, someone actually believed the Nigerian-giving-away-millions scam. Yoiks.

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