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I was going to write an entry about the movie Safe and how cool I thought it was, but since yesterday I've read an interview with the director and realized that what I had experienced as a subtle and ambiguous film about spirituality was just meant as a cynical jab at New Agers. Sorry, Mr. Haynes, that there is a sittin' duck and I refuse to shoot along with you. Julianne Moore, however, is as good as always.

Had my own personalized "Orange Alert" today. I was riding the N train home from work, and it stopped at DeKalb Ave and stayed there. There was much squawking on the intercoms, staticky conversation between conductor and engineer, with puzzling and incomplete dialogue: "cop...screech... is there a cop on the train?...sccrrreee...did you get his badge number?...Ladies and gentlemen, due to a..squaaawwk...the train will..." Nobody could figure out what was going on, but it seemed ominous. I decided right then and there that I was ready for anything. I was prepared to meet my maker, I had warm clothes and sturdy shoes if I had to flee a catastrophe...

We were all asked to leave the train, and were told that the local service was no longer running.

I got out and walked home in the rain/snow, and still don't know what the heck happened.

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