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I took the last class of my introductory package today at Be Yoga. All in all, I give the place a thumbs-up. I only had one iffy teacher out of about 8 or 9, and I like the space itself, which is big enough to prevent crowding. I notice a pattern to the classes, so I suppose that the "Ishta" style has some tradition of sequencing the postures.

Another thing I like about Be Yoga (the downtown center, at least) is that they offer daily "community" classes at half-price ($10) which is a good bargain, and a nice concession to those of us who are rich in spirit only. Affordability aside, the frequency of these classes shows me that someone there has a heart.

I would continue going to Be Yoga except that I just heard about a new center that seems right up my alley...And of course, I will always keep going back to Integral, even as I explore these other places.

I finished The Escher Twist and can recommend it to anyone who enjoys a dreamy, imaginative mystery--with illustrations, yet!

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