newest entry 2003-01-31 8:13 p.m.

Had a cool employment experience today. It was not so much a job interview as a...happening.

The potential job is a clinician/tutor for a private company that has a patented method of dealing with reading disorders. So they assembled candidates for the job, plied us with coffee and pastry and candy bars, gave us a mini-seminar in the tutoring technique. Then they had us break into pairs to practice it, and also fill out applications and get interviewed. It was fun and informative, and I think it would be great to work for this company. I think I'd make a good tutor. And I like chocolate.

The interview part was strange--they asked all the classic interview questions ("what are your three biggests strengths?" yadda yadda) and my meditation-buffed, in-the-moment brain chose to hear each question as if it had never heard it before, like I was just hatched on this planet. I felt caught delightfully off-guard, but I don't think I came off as very savvy.

I hope the swimsuit segment counts for something.

Anyway, I will be hearing back from them next week.

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