newest entry 2003-01-29 8:10 p.m.

I did not watch the state of the union address, and couldn't bring myself to read it, either. All I know is that I woke up this morning to helicopters flying overhead, and that always alarms me.

So, I guess we are going to war. But I want to believe that we can stop a war, that Bush can be stopped.

It's a whole new regime over here in Aquaplania. Tonight Coney and I went for a really productive walk. He is catching on quickly to "heel" and "let's go." I am so happy. And I have temporarily given up my extra-indulgent stance towards him, which is tough but necessary.

As for not viewing the world strictly in terms of stimulus/response, well it's happening anyway. But speaking as a gal whose head is in the clouds a good portion of the time, it's nice to occasionally feel embodied and creature-like.

I bluffed my way into what may be a continuing freelance gig as a healthcare researcher/writer. Not a big, huge gig, just writing little pieces here and there. I completed my first assignment today at work and it was fun. I always enjoy learning about some topic that has nothing to do with my life on earth.

One-month Resolution Check-In:

  • I have been meditating more frequently (though not twice a day)

  • I have started paying more attention to "prosperity" issues in my life

  • I have learned 2 cover songs

  • I have rehauled my resume

  • I have gotten involved with a bunch of volunteer organizations, mostly writing/editing stints

  • I have, indeed, been conditioning my hair every day and folks it looks wonderful! Although I have noticed that Pantene doesn't work miracles like it used to and doesn't smell nearly as smelleriffic as it once did--have they changed the formula?

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