newest entry 2003-01-27 6:52 p.m.

Had one of those Monday-morning half-awake-on-the-train flashbacks to a gym teacher I had in high school...I don't remember her name, except that she was the rare "Mrs" amongst the female instructors, and I couldn't stand her. She overcompensated for her jockiness by acting very girly (Madonna-like bows in hair, makeup, li'l tennis skirts) and meddlesome.

This flashback involved her choreographing an aerobics routine to an Olivia Newton-John song called, "Silvery Rain" and then forcing us to perform it...It's all very hazy now, but I remember being appalled by having to jazzercize to Olivia, and at the same time, I was impressed that she'd chosen an album track rather than one of the hit songs from Physical. I thought, "She must really love this album."

Seeing the lyrics now, I realize that it's a song protesting the use of pesticides. Gee.

That's the whole anecdote. Go back to what you were doing.

Weekend was good. I can't add blog entries at work anymore (or read at all), because my employer has blocked the site, so I'll be yappin' less frequently in the future...

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