newest entry 2003-01-18 11:54 a.m.

LaToya has made herself at home, but Coney is in a constant state of indignation. He is possessive of even his most despised toys, carrying them from room to room in order to keep them away from laToya. Last night, instead of sleeping upstairs with us as he usually does, he slept in his living room chair so laToya couldn't get to it. This is fascinating to watch.

It's 7 degrees! So this morning Monkey built a fire in the fireplace and we watched Saturday Night Fever as we ate breakfast and drank cup after cup of warming coffee.

What a movie! Besides the indescribable joy of seeing Bay Ridge in all its 25-years-ago glory (including a brief scene in our subway station--53d Street!), the film itself is just so rad. Travolta really could act, and dance. The story is a classic tale of wanting to break out of the tiny world you never made...The DVD extras are good, too.

And who knew that "Staying Alive" is actually kind of a decent song?

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