newest entry 2003-01-12 8:22 p.m.

I have coined a new term for what we did this weekend (and what we're in the habit of doing lately): "micro-socializing". Last night, for instance, we stopped at Fr*ddy's to see the amazing band C*nnecticut. We got there just as they were going on, enjoyed the set, chatted with some friends, and left almost as soon as the set was over, and before the next band went on. Perfect. In and out without spending too much money, ruining our ears, or gulping in too much smoke.

Then today we joined some friends at their li'l daytime get-together, but because of some overlaps in our schedule, had to get there very late. We stayed about an hour, connected with some nice folks, wished the hosts well, and then vamoosed, with promises to get together very soon. It didn't feel rushed or even felt just right.


Randomly pulled a CD off the shelf today to listen to: Babe the Blue Ox's People. Man alive! I hadn't listened to this for years, and I didn't remember it being this intense. What a great band. What a great rhythm section. Yeesh!

Know who I wanna slap? Anybody that groans about the "Disneyfication" of Times Square. Come off it, won'tcha? Like you ever went there before that...

I saw this headline and I was all excited cuz I thought it was going to be about her. Oh well.

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