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There are two words that I don't hear often enough, and they are poopdeck and Cheesequake.

Another idyllic day today, this being the first day of the rest of our lives. I woke up, meditated, had breakfast, and took a very good Hatha 1 class at IYI, and then taught a class there afterwards. I feel duly purified and mellowicious.

Things are buzzing in the Aqua-Monkey household. We are both a-glow with recording plans and musical schemes, and we are getting along really well lately. Blue is trying to convince us to have a kid. We both feel ready for that, but we need to be more finacially secure first. There's no doubt that Aqua-Monkey Kid of the future will be totally deluged with love, if his canine predecessor is any indication.

My favorite tracks from the Annika/Mallow 2002 compilation are by Soundtrack of Our Lives and Brendan Benson. Must hear more! The Brendan track is so much more rockin' than the stuff from his first album, and I hear the rest of his record is excellent, too.

I found The Little Friend at my library on Friday! I'm glad I found it, but they were supposed to have sent me a postcard when it came in. Lame, lame branch library. You'd think the fact that it only services about 10 adult readers would make things easier.

Anyway, I will start LF as soon as I finish this tasty li'l Hercule Poirot whodunnit I am currently gobblin' up. It's my favorite of Agatha Christie's so far. I just love that Poirot with his "moustaches" and Belgian pithiness.

You know what's cool about my dad? He always says "I love you" very sincerely, even when he's just leaving a casual voicemail. He is definitely not one of those guys who keeps his cards close to his vest, or whatever that expression is. The "I never got to tell him I loved him" scenario will never come to pass in my family.

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