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Jeepers, I'm in a bloggy mood today! I keep adding entries.

Anyway, a couple of blog-o-centric thoughts.

Often, when checking out a new diary, I'll go to the archives and see if the author has a 9/11/01 entry--morbid curiosity about a day I'll never get over. It's a bit of a litmus test, although just about every entry reads the same. Even the snarkiest bloggers get very serious and philosophical and heavy-handed during this period.

Another bloggy oservation: our own Diaryland hosts many "pro-ana" (that's pro-anorexia) diaries. I don't particularly want to link to any... I've stumbled onto a few of them while randomly checking out blogs, and apparently there are tons. I find them fascinating and repugnant and weirdly touching. As pro-ana websites get shut down, this is probably one of the few places these kids can go to post their thoughts without being censored. And that's good, because you can see that these girls are basically average teenage girls, who have discovered a little secret way to express their angst. A lot of them use the term "starving". It's almost not about their looks, it's about the addiction to deprivation. It's an addiction I've experienced in small doses so I can empathize, but these girls have crossed over to the other side...

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