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The bureaucracy at this company is funny...and I do mean funny ha-ha. It took me 6 months to get my own e-mail account and log-in ID (before that I just used the ID and e-mail address of my predecessor, Cookie), and when they did all that they forgot to give me access to a printer. So to get hooked up to the printer, which is literally two feet away from me, I had to put in a special Work Order, which has been pushed back and pushed back. A month later, I still can't print, and every time I ask, "Can't I just add a printer through my own computer?" they tell me, "No, Mr. Kafka, you have to file a Work Order." It's nutty!

I read the following quote on the World Wide Web today. It was so pretty I thought I'd share:

Make sure you are wearing the right sized underwear. Apart from damaging your posture, ill-fitting underwear causes lumps and bumps that look terrible and draws attention to unwanted flab.

In other work news, I just received a friendly inter-office post card from the reprographics department (which is located in Pittsburgh, which gives you an idea of why the red tape here is so thick) announcing their services.

It has headshots of all 8 employees of the department, looking sullen and trapped. Oh, my kingdom for a scanner--this is priceless. I want to make a mobile out of these faces.

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