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OK, here are my official New Year's Resolutions/Goals for 2003:

  • Record and release a new album
  • Write 10 good songs
  • Go to an ashram at least 2x for a weekend or more
  • Meditate daily
  • Attain financial solvency—no unsecured debt
  • Befriend money and make money, doing something creative
  • Make peace with my family, somehow
  • Learn 10 cover songs
  • Stay true to my spiritual focus and basic values
  • Improve singing voice
  • Rehaul resume
  • Write at least one more book proposal
  • Volunteer constantly
  • Rescue more dogs
  • Create (or hire someone to create) a bitchin’ website for my music stuff
  • Remember how to draw
  • Take better care of teeth
  • Get someone to design my invention
  • Buy rugs and curtains
  • Complete basic dog training with Coney
  • Use conditioner every day

    What are yours? I'd love to know.

    Part of my patented Resolution Construction Process is to go over my resolutions for the previous year, to see where I succeeded, failed and why. I was good about last year's small, basic resolutions (get my hair trimmed regularly), but tripped up on some of the bigger ones (make peace with family) and so I've had to repeat some.

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