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Unlike the rest of the world who sported their hangovers yesterday, today I am nursing a medium sized one from indulging in champagne and beer last night. Basically it means I'm scatterbrained and short of attention, and sleepy. All I could bring myself to do today was take Coney on a superduper walk, send out some resumes, and sing a little, and then watch the rest of Taxi Driver.

After years of hearing about this film, it was interesting to finally watch it. I enjoyed most of it...DeNiro is just perfect, his Travis is charming and pathetic and sexy and repugnant and heroic and a chump...The scene with Jodie in the restaurant where he talks about not wanting to live on a commune is priceless...Or his diary-entry voice-overs: "I had black coffee and apple pie with a slice of melted yellow cheese. I think that was a good selection."... Even Cybill Shepard is pretty good, although a little too smoulder-y.

But I gotta say, the ending is a let-down. It feels all wrong...I thought at first that the ending is a happy dream he has while in a coma, or in jail, but apparently, it's what actually happens. I'm still scratchin' my head. How is it that he was able to go on a rampage and not get arrested? Or killed in revenge by mobsters? And how to explain his nearly immediate leap from planning to kill a presidential nominee (who has no other function in his life beside being the father figure of the woman he has a crush on) to being a crusader for Jodie Foster's innocence?

As always, though, I love watching any movie set in 70s New York City.

One of my resolutions (and I will get around to posting an edited-for-public-consumption list soon) is to re-do my resume so that it actually makes me sound hirable, and then go get me a real job. I have every intention of being financially solvent this year.

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