newest entry 2002-12-28 1:48 p.m.

Didn't end up seeing The Hours last night, as I can't find time in my schedule, and then when I do, it's sold out. I'll try again tomorrow.

I've been reading one of my Xmas presents, Ian McEwan's short story collection First Love, Last Rights, which is very creepy. I am so glad I read Atonement and worked my way backward, otherwise I would have written I.M. off altogether for his fetid and adolescent topics. He has certainly grown as a writer, and he seems to be less repulsed by, more compassionate towards, his female characters lately.

I didn't mention that I also received the latest Imperial Teen CD as a Christmas gift from Nan. It's a lovely album, all new wavey and fun. I also enjoyed the Spoon CD on first go-round.

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