newest entry 2002-12-27 10:20 a.m.

Merry post-Christmas!

Christmas, Christmas...ah.

I have tried writing about my Christmas, and each time I get stuck.

I'll write about it in list form:

My Christmas

  • Christmas Eve with JoyBoy

  • Christmas morning at Meals on Wheels, delivering food: sweet!

  • Christmas early afternoon on the Upper W. Side with Cookie and Bruno and Cookie Boy, who was celebrating his first-ever Xmas

  • day with family in snowy Jersey

  • boredom, angst

  • treacherous drive back through icy streets

  • four-hour drive home that should have taken 90 minutes, tops

  • not a spiritual moment to be had

  • got the new Spoon album

  • next year, I'm celebrating my own way, in my own space

  • seeing the excellent About Schmidt on 5/26 helped me get over my mediocre crappy Christmas. It's all about mediocre crappiness, and love.

  • Tonight: The Hours, finally!!!

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