newest entry 2002-12-21 10:25 p.m.

Will I?

The rescue went well. Cardinal is gorgeous, with gangly legs, shiny red coat and a sweet disposition. I found out from his walkin' papers that he was left at an ASPCA because he "wouldn't hunt"...He's on his way to Massachusetts to make some family very happy.

I can definitely see myself becoming a dedicated dog rescuer someday, forsaking the world of people and hygiene and clothes that match. Someday, when the Monkster leaves me for one of his crazed, librarianish groupies, I will buy a pick-up truck and move to Virginia and give my life to the hounds.

Coney the wonder-pup figured out how to open a jar of peanut-butter tonight. No one is safe.

In music news, I rehearsed for a small upcoming gig today with my trusty bass player Lesh. It sounded not-too-horrendous. A rehearsal with Lesh is usually about 40% playing and 60% drinking coffee and yakkin'.

Meanwhile I've been trading e-mails with a guitarist whose Craig's List ad I answered, but I have learned not to get my hopes up about Internet musical matches.

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