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We must dismantle our misidentifications as we become progressively aware of them, not merely once but over and over again until this new habit of discernment (viveka) is firmly established. Then, regardless of the circumstance, we can remain in a witnessing disposition instead of losing ourselves in our habit patterns.

--Georg Feuerstein, "The Yoga of Discernment and Self- Transcendence"

Tonight my friend C. taught her qualifying class to earn her yoga teaching certificate, and invited me to attend. It was a good class, and I was happy to be able to chat with some of my former classmates at IYI. I'd been kind of avoiding the place lately, feeling vaguely sheepish for dropping out of intermediate teacher training and for not teaching there as regularly as I used to. But tonight I realized that absolutely no one is judging me about that, and in fact everyone was very sweet and engaging.

I think I may be ready to do start teaching regularly there again.

How is it that the Pretenders put out a new album without my knowing?! I have added it to my Amazon wishlist and await its arrival in my stocking...

Once again I must raise my glass of Tang to Craig's List. I found someone one block away who was giving away furniture, and now we have a new dresser, entertainment unit and chair. We also have a new pal in the 'hood.

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